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New!!! DanceView Blog at danceviewtimes

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I just made this post on the danceviewtimes site, but wanted to post it here as well. As many readers know, danceviewtimes was begun as the online reviews supplement to DanceView magazine. DanceView ceased publication with its October issue, and I wrote to subscribers that we would add a blog at danceviewtimes that would include articles appropriate to the magazine. These will include commentary, interviews, features, historical articles and the like.

I'm very pleased to announce that Tom Phillips has written a piece about the New York City Ballet that seemed the perfect way to begin this new online publication. Here's a link to the DANCEVIEW blog (listed in the DVT Blogs at right). You'll find Tom's piece, Heart and Spleen: Confessions of a Strike-breaker (click the link to go to that piece directly) there.

An added note: There won't be specific publication dates, and there probably won't be frequent posts. We have an interview on the way, as well as one of Leigh Witchel's excellent reports on the Balanchine Archive Project. I'll post notices in Links when these, and future pieces, are published.

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