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SB's Entr'acte symphonique for violinist Leopold Auer


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probably so. i doubt Wright, who was on hand for Sarasota Ballet's recent Ashton celebration(s) to speak lovingly and admiringly of Ashton, leading one to presume he'd not have used what Ashton created w/o crediting him.

Ashton's version has been filmed, in some measure, over the years.

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Not in its original context, but Nureyev used it for an extended solo for the Prince in Act 2, replacing the music for the initial scene between him and the Lilac Fairy.


I have also seen it played between Acts 1 and 2, so that one can follow the other without a break. That's not the original context either, but it does a pretty good job of suggesting the passage of time, and at least the music for the mime scene between the Prince and the Lilac Fairy is left intact.

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In it's original position as No.18, the entr'acte does seem to be kind of an action-stopper and one can see why various artists chose to reposition it. In Solomon Volkov's book Balanchine's Tchaikovsky, Mr. B. says "if I do Sleeping Beauty, that entr'acte will definitely be in it". I speculate idly if he would have included it as music only at its original position, or move it, or choreograph it....

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