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Danse Serpentine, and possibly Loie Fuller footage

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Lumiere Brothers film of Danse Serpentine - dancer is perhaps Loie Fuller, but I've seen disagreement about this. One commentator suggested, "The Flame Dancer is Caroline Hipple Holpin or Papinta not Fuller".

You will need to close the annoying ad screens that appear on top of the video.

But wait, there's more of the Danse Serpentine as captured by early film pioneers:

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I've always been told that the first clip you posted was not Fuller. Here's a clip from The Bat that I think is Fuller. Some of you may have seen Jody Sperling's work -- she's reconstructed some of Fuller's dances, and has gone on to create new work using some of the same techniques.

Thanks for finding The Bat, Sandik. At first I was bothered by the lack of music in these films, but eventually it becomes quite mesmerizing...I hope there's no subliminal message coming across. ;)

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