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Martin Fredmann

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As most folks probably know here, Martin Fredmann is no longer the Kirov Academy AD. The new director, Adrienne Dellas Thorton ,has taught there for years. However, I am trying to find out where Martin has landed. No. I don't want gossip, hearsay or slander. I just want to know where he is so I can contact him and stay in touch, as we are colleagues. And, yes, in the meantime, it would be nice to know more of what is going on at Kirov Academy, including have they been able to stabilize funding. How many teachers, who and where from are at the school etc.

Here is Thorton's bio from the KAB website...


-Thanks, Philip.

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Since we don't allow hearsay, gossip or slander on Ballet Alert!, you won't get any. We also only permit official news to be posted to the site, examples are announcement by a company or institution, a ballet professional's public facing Facebook page, a mainstream newspaper or magazine article, etc.

If someone has info that hasn't been published, they are welcome to send it by PM.

As far as school or the teaching staff is concerned, that would be a more appropriate discussion for our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers; there's a link to the site under our logo.

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