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Gudrun Bojesen received this year's Reumert Prize

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Gudrun Bojesen received the prestigeous Reumert Award 2013 for her role as Marguerite in RDB's production of Neumeier's balletThe Lady of the Camellias. The Reumert Award is a Danish theatrical award given by the Bikuben Foundation to the performing arts.

Congratulations to Gudrun Bojesen! I'm sure every ballet-goer who saw her in this role will agree with me, that the award couldn't have been given to anybody more deserving. Another nominee was her young colleague Ida Praetorius for her recent debut as Juliet (you can see a glimpse of her sitting among the audience in the clip below).

You can see her speech of thanks here: link to Reumert's homepage

My translation:
"A friend said to me "you gotta believe" and I try to do so, and I do so, and I believe that faith can actually move mountains. But I would like to thank the Reumert Committee and the Bikuben Foundation for moving these mountains physically. Thank you!"

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