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Today's Google Doodle

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likewise, the general public will remain generally ill-educated if misconceptions get reinforced by sources that should know better.

Point taken. Instead of linking to the Nutcracker, when clicked on, the doodle should have linked to the page on this site where we discuss what a sugar plum actually is! shake2.gif

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truth to tell, the sugared plum misunderstanding was but a part of Google's tribute to NUTCRACKER's anniversary, and one should be grateful to the enterprise for recognizing the ballet's milestone in the first place.

additionally, i am remiss in not having thanked you, ascballerina, for pointing this out in a timely way, without your tip i'd likely have missed it, so belated thanks to you for making us all aware of the doodle.

for good measure, i downloaded the effort, which i attach here for anyone who missed it.


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