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  1. Sorry, it worked in Firefox on a PC, which is the only thing I run...didn't think to check how it would work on other platforms
  2. PC...but right now, as writing this response, your post above comes as "Helene, on...said"...without any symbol at the end...Let's see if I came out of the blue box after posting... Edited: Yep..out of the blue box! ;-) If this is really bothering you, click the little light-switch button--the first one on the top left of the reply area. It'll go to a basic version with the code for quotes showing, and you can type after the quote tags. To get it back with your bold, italic, etc options, just hit the button again. You can always hit the button, start typing, then hit the button again once you know you're out of the "quote area"
  3. I like all of Singin' in the Rain, but yes, Moses Supposes is one of the best moments in there. I also liked Hello, Dolly!, which he directed. My mother has seen that scene so many times she knows all the choreography and where it goes in the song
  4. Her movies plot-wise do little for me, but I like her very much on-screen as an actress and swimmer. May her soul rest in peace.
  5. Happy Easter or Passover, everyone!
  6. Wow, such articulate and interesting responses to my question! Thank you, everyone, I now have a much clearer idea of what's being bandied about.
  7. I'm trying to follow this discussion, so forgive the teenager who's struggling to acclimate to this site a bit. I started following the thread because NBoC was mentioned, and am just now figuring out the whole meaning of the title. Sorry. As I understand it, then, Ballet Jorgen would be more deserving of the title of "national" because it tours all over Canada, including small towns, and really brings ballet to Canada's people? The issue being discussed here is the limited accessibility of a company calling itself "national" (NBoC or not), correct? Sorry to intrude, I just want to make sure I'm understanding this right.
  8. I can't see that video, it says it's private.
  9. It's been changed on the official website: http://www.cineplex.com/Events/DanceSeries/Home.aspx
  10. It only gives the whole article to TIME magazine subscribers.
  11. I understand Novikova better in French than I do English, and she certainly seems much more comfortable in French, but who am I to complain about a trilingual person when I speak only one language fluently, and merely dabble in a second?
  12. We decided that Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day don't count. Happy belated Valentine's Day, everyone!
  13. There's a wonderful discussion on the sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers, about line...I haven't been on this board long enough to know about any others. Possessing a Beautiful Line
  14. I'm adding this a bit late, but I'm sure I'll be forgiven. I found that was my favourite video of all the Grand Pas that were shown on this thread. I sent it to two of my friends, because I wanted to share the lovelyness with them! Imagine my suprise at how different their reactions were from mine. One of them, the older one, was impressed....at first, all she said was "WOW!" Later, she added how strong their legs were, how she kept wondering during the female variation "Is she ever going to get off that leg? She's so strong to just stay there!" The second friend, a younger one, in her twenties, thought it was lovely, but "the ballerina's turnout and extensions weren't great". I think I've become more aware, since I joined this board, that sometimes things are just incredible. I can be wowed by what they're doing, but some small part of me can turn that off and just enjoy it, instead of thinking about the hows and whys of what's going on. And I certainly am not one to be impressed simply by extensions! So thanks, everyone, for making me a more cultured balletviewer.
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