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Okay, It's August

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I know that there have been droughts and horrid weather in much of North America, but in the Pacific NW, my heat was on in the beginning of July, and I'm not ready for the barrage of "Nutcracker" marketing emails I've been receiving.

LOL.....Good to know someone is staying cool! I just drove by a store that had put up Christmas scenes in its window tonight. I could not believe it! Maybe it is wishful thinking!!! It is so hot here!

The thing I am looking forward to in this hot August is the Carreno Dance Festival in Sarasota!


August 24 – 5:30 pm

Exclusive Opera Club

Champagne & Hors d'oeuvre 5:30 pm Information: admin@carrenodancefestival.com August 24 – 7:00 PM Showtime

August 25 – 2:30 PM Showtime



Music: Adolphe Adam Choreography: Perrot/Coralli

JULIE KENT – Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre - GISELLE


Artists of the Carreño Summer Intensive


Music : J.S. Bach Choreography: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa (Paris) MISTY COPELAND – Soloist, American Ballet Theatre RUBINALD PRONK – International Contemporary Artist


Robert de Warren’s dedication to 9/11 and War Victims Music: Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings

GENNADI SAVELIEV Soloist - American Ballet Theatre TARAS DOMITRO

Principal - San Francisco Ballet

SPANISH FANTASY Choreography: Eduardo Veitia Director-Ballet Español de Cuba

A CONTEMPORARY EXPLOSION Choreography: Carlos Dos Santos (Brazil)

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Sounds great!

In at least the major Australian cities there is a very large pdestrian shopping zone, and when I was there at the beginning of December one year, it was 32C/90F degrees in Adelaide, and over the loudspeaker, between Christmas carols, were announcements for sales. There was also one of the tallest Christmas trees I've ever seen, and when I got back to Sydney for my outbound flight, there were signs all around for beach Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

But at least it was December!

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Maybe it's the upside of what seems to be a hotter and drier than usual summer, but the local blueberries and peaches have been SPECTACULAR this year. (So good, that by rights that entire sentence should have been in all caps.) Normally I'd be baking them into muffins or pies or something, but this year I haven't had the heart to do anything but snarf them down within minutes of buying them.

The folks who run the cooking demo at the Union Square Greenmarket were handing out samples of summer squash latkes a couple of weeks ago. They were awesome, so I took a recipe and have been making them instead. We'll probably be tired eating them (the latkes) by the time the zucchini and yellow squash are gone, but I will definitely mourn the day when the blueberries and peaches are over ... I just can't get enough of them.

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