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SFB Roster update for 2013

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SFB new roster announced for 2013.

"SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Friday, July 6, 2012–San Francisco Ballet has announced six promotions, as well as the addition of two new soloists, two new corps members, and five new apprentices for the 2013 Repertory Season. Luke Ingham and Shane Wuerthner have joined the Company as soloists. In addition, Marie-Claire D’Lyse and Emily Kadow have joined the corps de ballet, along with former apprentices who have been promoted to the corps de ballet level: Sean Bennett, Megan Amanda Ehrlich, Jillian Harvey, Ellen Rose Hummel, Henry Sidford, and Shion Yuasa. The five new apprentices joining the Company have all trained at the San Francisco Ballet School and include: Lacey Escabar, Lauren Parrott, Alexander Reneff-Olson, Emma Rubinowitz, and Wei Wang."

Congratulations to all.

The total number of dancers is down from 71 to 68 (if my counting is correct), and there are some significant losses from the lineup: Principal Kristin Long; soloists Victoria Ananyan, Isaac Hernandez, Pauli Magierek, Elizabeth Miner, and Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun; corps members Daniel Baker, Alexandra Meyer-Lorey, Lily Rogers, Danielle Santos, Matthew Stewart, Caroline Wilson, and Quinn Wharton.

All will be missed, but I'm particularly sorry that Hernandez is gone; he's very young and very talented and I really hope he ends up someplace that allows him to develop his artistry.

Also missed will be Magierek who, in a perfect world, would be a principal character dancer at the Bolshoi: she's the earthiest of dancers and the best (and least lady-like) harlot in R&J I've ever seen.

Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun I only saw actually dance once, in Tomasson's 7 for 8 several years ago; her movement quality has that 'something' that keeps drawing the eye -- very beautiful. Other than that, she never performed at any performance I attended except for limited-dance roles like Rosaline in R&J. Very sorry not to have seen more of her.

Daniel Baker, who was such a good Hilarion, apparently has gone on to a TV show called So You Think You Can Dance.

And I have to ask, if 'ballet is woman', where are SFB's women? There are now 12 male principals and seven female; eight male soloists and five female. This looks a little lopsided compared other major companies:


principals eight male/nine female

soloists 6 male/8 female


principals 10 male/14 female

soloists 8 male/3 female (which seems low, but that's what I counted)


principals 5 male/6 female

soloists 4 male/4 female.

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I'm happy to have found that two of the dancers I was sad to see gone have landed elsewhere.

Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun is now a soloist with Ballet San Jose: http://www.balletsj.org/company.html. Photo and bio coming soon. Here's a link to an interview: http://balletsj.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/artist-spotlight-ballet-san-jose-soloist-nutnaree-pipit-suksun/. I will have to try to make the trek down there to see her.

Quinn Wharton is now with Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago: http://www.hubbardst...=17&company=hs. Another reason to see this company in Berkeley next year. He's in good company - former SFB dancers Garrett Anderson and Pablo Piantino are also there.

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Isaac Hernandez is a soloist at Dutch National Ballet, and his bio has been posted. I loved his dancing, and DNB is lucky to have him.

Miner was wonderful in the Mark Morris "Sylvia.". I'll never forget her in it.

Quinn Wharton has done video and photo work for Tiit Helimets and Company, and I hope that collaboration continues.

I'm not sure how long Lorena Feijoo will be out for maternity leave, but the bulk of the SFB'S season isn't until 2013, so there's still hope.

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Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun is now a soloist with Ballet San Jose ... I will have to try to make the trek down there to see her.

Good to know she's still dancing. I just wish getting down to San Jose didn't involve a four-hour round trip pilgrimage; please post your thoughts if you manage to see her (and the company).

Quinn Wharton has done video and photo work for Tiit Helimets and Company ...

Wharton did the home page photos for Ballet San Jose (there's some teeny, tiny text in the lower left corner of the photos -- clicking it will pull up a longer slide show with music).

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