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All Stars of Dance in Orlando, FL

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If any Ballet Alert members live in Orlando or nearby you should check the link to this out:


It is the culminating gala for the World Ballet Competition in Orlando, FL, and it showcases the winners and then also has well known dancers perform short pieces.

Some dancers slated to dance:

Maria Kochetkova of SF Ballet

Joan Boada of SF Ballet

Rolando Sarabia

Adeline Pastor

LIa Cirio and Misa Kuranaga from Boston Ballet

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Oh, I'm so jealous -- Maria Kochetkova is one of my favorite dancers on the planet.

I think I've read that you like her. I have never seen her, so I look forward to seeing her even if it will probably be one short piece. I'll report what she dances and what my impressions were.

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Last night was really worth the drive to Orlando! The first half showcased several of the winners of the World Ballet Competition. Jasmine Cruz (Gold Medalist in the Introductory category) was darling in an Odalisque variation (the most famous one....can't remember what order...is it the 3rd Odalisque?). She was so cute and has so much talent. She was from the Introductory category. It was also nice to see Gorksy's Lise variation from La Fille mal Gardee by Larisa Nugent (Gold Medalist in the Preparatory category), after Cristian forced me to watch the Gorsky La Fille (LOL) and a variation from Satanella (some company needs to stage that ballet) by Talia Kester (Silver Medal in the Pre-Professional). All of the kids were so impressive, although I have to say it is alarming to see such young children have such intense grown up emotions in the modern dance pieces. I enjoy modern dance, but I don't love it the way I do classical ballet which is more controlled, but when All American Classical Ballet School (Silver Medalist in the Ensemble category) did a modern piece called "Force" it was really incredible. Those girls conveyed power and "force" wonderfully. They used lots of balletic moves but very modern. There were other winners showcased as well.

Then, came the professional dancers.

"The Net" by Metropolis Productions. It was a very modern piece in which dancers climbed in and out of a big net. At first I thought it would be silly, but it was actually quite moving and amazing. It was more like Cirque du Soleil in a way.

Maki Onuki and Jonathan Jordan from Washington Ballet danced "A Fleeting Moment" which was like an old fashioned PDD with music by Bela Bartok.

Lia Cirio and Paul Craig from Boston Ballet did the Coppelia PDD

Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada from San Francisco Ballet danced Romeo and Juliet balcony scene (Helgi Tomasson choreography).


Misa Kuranaga and Isaac Akiba from Boston Ballet in the Black Swan PDD

Christine Dooling and Edgar Anido from Complexions danced "Nessun Luogo."

Lia Cirio, Misa Kuranaga, Isaac Akiba, and Paul Craig (all from Boston Ballet) danced "Dream of an Angel" (World Premiere by Viktor Plotnikov (music Schubert)

Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada from SF Ballet came back for "Within the Golden Hour" (Wheeldon).

Adeline Pastor and Rolando Sarabia danced the Don Quixote PDD.

Helene, you are right....Kochetkova is simply divine.....very elegant, lyrical, graceful....very special dancer.....she was one of the stand outs. Her PDD last night makes me wish I could see her full Juliet. She seems perfect for that role. Boada was impressive too, although I have never seen a danseur that looks sort of chunky, although it looks like mostly muscle. In the real world he would be considered hot. But for ballet he was very different from the norm. Wheeldon's piece was much better than previous Wheeldon I had seen. I also loved the interesting costumes for that work.

Lia Cirio, who I have seen in two other galas, always has terrific balances and it always. It was nice to see her in something modern also. Misa Kuranaga is also a stand out. These two are wonderful ballerinas! Kuranaga is a petite woman, but she exuded so much confidence as the Black Swan. When she first came out I didn't think she would have the attitude of a black swan, but she proved me wrong.

Adeline Pastor and Rolando Sarabia brought the house down at the end. Cristian had told me to watch out for Sarabia's pirouettes ending in a coup de pied. He did that, but also would end some with the leg up in the air. What is that called? It was amazing. Pastor was the first ballerina I have seen who really makes something out of the fan variation. She may be French, but she has the Spanish attitude down pat!

It was such an enjoyable event. It is fun to see winners of the competition alongside stars. Such a great idea. These types of events (usually the culminating event of a competition) have made me realize how much fun it is to see children even at the beginning of a dance career. Some like Aran Bell (whom I saw at a previous gala in Tampa) astound you as much as an adult would. Others have so much promise but are still at the beginning. They are so darling to watch. Who doesn't love a little girl dressed up in a tutu pirouetting and dancing almost as well as an adult???

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[Adeline] Pastor was the first ballerina I have seen who really makes something out of the fan variation. She may be French, but she has the Spanish attitude..!

Miss pastor is indeed French, but she did her studies at the Cuban National Ballet school. Probably the most powerful legs of todays' ballet world. I call her Miss Fouette. Definitely legs of steel. Miss Pastor is currently Principal Dancer at the Aalto Ballett Theater Essen in Germany, and a usual guest at CCBM.



Miss Pastor at the age of 10

At the age of 15, with a very young Rolando Sarabia in Havana.

...and some of her signature turns.

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