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Greetings from New Member

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Hello. I am a newcomer, I am most happy to be onboard. I'm a choctaw Indian with a Ph. D. in music. I have spent 50 years (and still) teaching Ethnomusicology, Cultural Anthropology (Native American Languages as well) to college and university students in Eugene, Oregon. When I was much young, I had the distinct privilege to work for several years as ballet pianist accompanying classes for such incredibly wonderful people in Beverly Hills as Tatiana Riabushinskaya, and Tatiana's prize student, the very kind mrs. Joanne Woodward (Newman), Tatiana's husband David Lichine, and their business partner Irina Kosmovska. I also worked for a wonderful few years for Gene

Marinaccio in his studio in Hollywood on Vine Street. I would love to reconnect with some fellows in the business like Bill Merrimum and

Dee Dee Wilkes, etc. I love the dance world so much. I have also written and presented scholarly papers and published with the Society of Dance Scholar Historians.

Dr Don Addison (Eugene, Oregon)

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Jan and Dr. A --

I am so sorry to hear that Bill has passed. I took classes at Gene's studio on Vine and later when he moved to Santa Monica Blvd (and again for a very short time above a church on Wilshire Blvd.). As a dance writer, I know that the time I spent with Gene influenced not only my approach to dance, but my approach to living. Dr. A -- when did you work for Gene? I have memories of one of the few men pianists who played the most glorious Bach pieces. Was that you?

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We received an email offering to share information about Gene Marinaccio and Michael and Barbara Brigante.  If you are interested in making contact, if you are a "Member" please PM me with a current email.  If you are a "New Member," please email us at the "Contact Us" link or use the "Contact" form at the bottom of the page (with your email address).

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