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Askegard and Bushnell file for divorce

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It appears that Bushnell revealed the name of the party that Chuck was having an affair with simply as a way to seek vengeance. That might make for a good Sex & the City sequel. It certainly was not necessary to name names for her to file for divorce. It makes her look petty. Also, it does not enhance her legal position. She could have used the threat of revealing the info to the press as a bargaining chip in the divorce negotiations. A sad situation all around.

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"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" - William Congreve (1670-1729)

Perhaps she didn't want to make the payment under the prenup that would have been required after a nine-year marriage with a no-fault divorce. With a proven fault divorce, she wouldn't have to give Chuck a dime.

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If the accusations don't disrail this candidate's progress,

I think the values ship sailed a few years ago when a certain much-married GOP politician was not immediately disqualified from serious Presidential consideration after very public adultery, not to mention endorsing alternative lifestyles by moving in with a couple of gay guys for awhile, not to mention the photographs in circulation featuring him decked out for charity as the alluring "Rudia." Only in New York!

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