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Martha Graham Dance Company @ the Joyce

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The Graham company's upcoming season looks like it will be a diverse one.

There will be the expected Graham works:


Every Soul Is a Circus

Deaths and Entrances

Appalachian Spring

Night Journey

There will be works from outside choreographers:

Lar Lubovitch -- new Lamentation variation

Yvonne Rainier (!) -- premiere

Mary Wigman -- Witch Dance (revival)

And there will be an evening given over to Graham II and university dance groups performing works by Graham, Anna Sokolow and Charles Weidman.

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To me it makes more sense than courting new choreographers... The old ones have more in common stylistically with each other, I believe, than they do with contemporary famous choreographers.

Which is not to say Graham shouldn't do more to show choreographers continuing in the Graham tradition, but these would be lesser stars and harder to attract funding/audiences/media attention with....(?)

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