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Sorry to yell, but I'm hoping that we can upgrade our site to the next version tomorrow, Thursday 27 October.

In the past we've usually been upgraded within an hour of our request, and I've taken down the site as soon as I make the request until I finish modifying and testing.

Our provider is very busy these days with upgrades, including server and database upgrades and moves, and when we did the BT4D upgrade, it took about five hours for the request to go through, another seven hours to re-index the posts, and then another few hours to make the modifications and test them.

As a result, I'm not going to take down the site until I see that the upgrade is in progress. Please note: this means that you may be in the middle of a post, which will be lost when I take the site down.

Also, there are features that will be disabled: if you see anything new, please do not get used to it, because it might disappear. I haven't been able to figure out how to get rid of every avatar (picture) placement on the screen, and there will be instances of those dorky outlines of shadow heads around the site.

If you're planning to write anything complicated -- and tomorrow is the Raymonda from La Scala stream -- please save it to a text file, Word, or other document program before attempting to post, or you may lose it all.

I haven't quite figured out everything about the new upgrades, but the UI is a bit more streamlined, and stuff has moved around. I'll try to document these as I find them.

I still can't get the amazon box to align properly at the top of the page, and it will be moved to the bottom of the page after the upgrade. Our logo might have instructions to go to the bottom of the page.

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I put the request in this morning, but haven't heard back.

The upgrade could be done early Eastern time, before I'm conscious. Until I run a process, the quotes might be garbled.

Please do not panic: I'll bring the board down, run the processes, and make the changes as soon as I'm conscious :)

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Since it's Friday, 10/28, I assume I'm typing this on the upgraded site. Looks good! I really like some of the changes -- the calendar of upcoming performances in the right sidebar for instance (if it was there before, I never noticed it) and the "view new content" options in the left sidebar.

Thanks, Helene!


OOPS! I see I posted this to the wrong thread! I'm reposting it to the (I hope) correct one ...

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Love the little "X" that pops up on the View New Content page. I found it when I accidentally allowed the cursor to hover over the apparently empty space to the right of the thread title.

It allows you to read a bit of the first post, the first unread post, and the last post of a thread. Very helpful as a memory-refresher, especially when I'm suffering an attack of internet overload.

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