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my vhs videocassette of "The Kirov Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty" is undated, it was marketed by Kultur, and was likely 1989/90 vintage. the credits are minimal, the entry i wrote for my '98 book notes the perf. was likely filmed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, which is vast and which puts much of the action in unusual darkness.

i have no idea if Kultur re-released the video on disc.

the annotation for my book (i have not screened my cassette in a while now) notes that the Carabosse, unnamed in the credits, may be a female dancer but i couldn't say for certain.

Lilac is performed by Lyubov Kunakova.

Blue Bird and Florine are Kyril Melnikov and Elena Pankova.

not sure how much this sufficiently answers your question.

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I loved Asylmuratova as an artist, and saw her dance a number of times live, in London, once in La Bayadere, La Corsair, and Swan Lake, she was an exquisit beautiful lyrical dancer, trained in the Vaganova style.

Although I owned a number of video's produced by Kultur, I never had one as you suggested, what I did have was one they released (possibly filmed in Canada) with Ruzimatov and Larissa Lezhnina in Sleeping Beauty. With the other people you mentioned as the Fairies etc.

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for some reason the Lezhnina/Ruzimatov BEAUTY has maintained a prominence in video offerings while the Asylmuratova/Zaklinsky perf. came more or less 'under the radar' and didn't last very long, if mem. serves, in distribution. as noted it's often dark and not especially carefully filmed. perhaps it was telecast on Russian television originally? perhaps Kultur lost the rights soon after obtaining them?

there's no telling, i suppose.

here are scans of the package for the Kultur tape.

post-848-006306300 1316546703_thumb.jpg

post-848-016186700 1316546725_thumb.jpg

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Nanarina, I'm so envious that you saw AA several times. I knew of her dancing in New York and had chances to see her but never bought tickets. What was I thinking! :wallbash:

Last week Marc Haegeman's Facebook page had video clips of AA dancing Aurora I believe with Patrick Dupond at the Kirov. It's not up now but I'll ask him where it can be found.

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