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"BALLET-OOP" (1954) - UPA Cartoon

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Thornton Hee was the nom de plume of Alex Campbell, an animator who worked for Warner, Disney, Terry and UPA. He was one of the animators of "Dance of the Hours" in Fantasia.

He had to be winking when he chose it! :)

I didn't know there was something called Disney Wiki, but this is what it says about him:

Thornton Hee, better known to his colleagues as T. (Tee) Hee, was a caricaturist and story man at the Disney studio. He was infamous for his corpulence; Chuck Jones once referred to him as a 'hot water bottle full of jell-o'. Hee's physique made him a suitable performance model for Stromboli, the puppet master in Pinocchio, a film Hee also worked on as a writer.

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Ballet-OOP is delightful. The distance, aesthetically and in terms of cultural allusion, from 1954 to today is mind-boggling.

Very hard-working teacher and students. I hope they use some of the tuition money from all the the new students to replace that knotty pine plank floor in the studio. Ouch.

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