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Peter Martins's farewell at 1000th NYCB NUTCRACKER

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scan of a 1983 wirephoto in a laserphoto print, that is, by way of a process, seemingly a hi-res. fax, no longer used, perhaps b/c it yellowed so quickly.

the performance included Heather Watts as Dew Drop; in addition to the presence of Irving, noted in the caption, one can see among the Flowers ensemble one can see Helene Alexopoulos, Shawn Stevens, and Lisa Jackson.

interestingly the caption notes the landmark NUTCRACKER perf. but not the occasion of Martins's farewell, clearly demonstrated by the attention being paid to him by those on stage, not least of which, by Suzanne Farrell.

following longheld tradition Drosselmeier doesn't take a call after act 1, which in this case would have brought Jerome Robbins on stage in full, unkempt white wig, black satin jacket and tan trousers. JR performed Drosselmeier this one and only time in the period i'd been watching NUTCRACKER (since 1970).

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