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Northern Ballet in Beijing 01-05 Jan 2011


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NB have been to China (including Hong Kong and Macao) four or five times over the last 10 years and also to Bangkok. This year they were in Hong Kong in the summer with Peter Pan and in Bangkok in September with Christmas Carol.

It would be even better for their British-based fans if they could tour Europe. In the past, I have enjoyed trips to see them in Istanbul and Thessaloniki. In Istanbul they played in an outdoor ampthitheatre that was supposed to hold 4000; there were never less than 5000 in the audience each evening and it was the hottest ticket in town!

I would love our American readers to be able to enjoy the Company too. Keiko Amemori and Kenneth Tindall received great acclaim at the Miami International Festival Gala a couple of years ago when they performed the duet from David Nixon's Madam Butterfly.

When the company moved home in October they also dropped the "Theatre" off the name (I don' know how to change the forum name) but the ideals remain the same.

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While I would love to see the company visit the Canadian or US west coast, with so many companies unable to afford to tour, that NB continues to do so is one of the few signs of health in this artistic climate. Repeat visits usually mean that they've established a fan base outside their home base, which is also great for a company.

I've changed the forum title. Thank you for pointing this out, JMcN.

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