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Laurencia - Plisetkaya/Bregvadze 1959 Snips

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This is just wonderful!

The second part of the clip in contained on the VAI bio DVD of Plisetskaya but I've not seen the first part before.

I remember as a very young ballet fan seeing photos of Plisetskaya and being just swept away by them. The first time I actually saw her I took an overnight bus from NYC up to Montreal where the Bolshoi touring group was performing with Plisetskaya as the star. I saw her do Carmen and then immediately got back on the overnight bus to NYC. But I was very young and sturdy and it was a thrilling experience.

LAter I did see her a few more times in NYC when Cold War tensions eased a bit.

Whenever I see clips of her I marvel at the amount of magnetism she possessed and also at the level of energy she performed at. She was an amazing performer. I see clips of her dancing and it brings back the experience. She was a marvel.

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