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Claude Chabrol Distinguished film Director has died

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Thanks for posting, leonid. I just looked at the filmography from your second link, and I had seen more of the films from the last 20 years than I realized, in that I didn't know they were his. Four were Huppert, whose persona I ultimately don't much care for, although she's a fine actress. 'La Ceremonie' is very good with Sandrine Bonnard (she's also wonderful in 'Est-Ouest', which has amazing Stalinist atmosphere, but that's not Chabrol, Deneuve is also in that as a flamboyant actress who helps her escape), and 'Merci pour le Chocolat' is searingly powerful because of the Huppert character and all that beautiful pianism, although it's seriously flawed. This is filmed in Lausanne, and one of my best friends who lives there told me about the period when the film crew was doing location work there--this character is quite horrifying. There's another from 2007 or so, I'll look it up...yes, 'L'ivresse du Pouvoir', this had Ms. Huppert as well, doing her 'all-business', clipped performance as usual. I just noticed that in the same period as 'La Ceremonie' was Christian Vincent's 'La Separation', with Huppert and Daniel Auteuil, which I found more powerful. The 'Madame Bovary' was good, although Hupperts' mechanical quality is evident there too.

Chabrol made some fine films, although I don't quite love any of them the way I love almost any of Techine's, and a few of Truffaut's.

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