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Lost my reply

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I don't know if this is a behavior that was introduced with the new software, or if it's always been the case.

I typed a reply. I was previewing the post before posting it. I thought I had put the cursor in the editable text box, but the cursor was actually nowhere (I likely clicked on the preview window instead of the dit window which has the effect of having the cursor disappear). I found an error in my text, and since I believed the cursor to be at that location, I hit the backspace key to erase a character. Hitting that backspace key took the browser back to the previous web page (which was the blank reply window). At that point you've lost the text you just typed.

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....were you editing on a mobile device?

No. This was with Internet Explorer (IE) on a PC.

Since I started this topic, I did some more research and testing. I thought perhaps this behavior was due to the new BT software, or perhaps a little known behavior in IE.....I've now convinced myself it is a "problem" in IE.

Researching IE does not seem to show that hitting the backspace key takes you to the previous web page, but in my testing I find that it does if the cursor is not already located in a text input box. On my system at least, if I hit the backsapce key while viewing any web page, IE navigates back to the previous page unless the cursor is in a text input box. OTOH, this might be designed into IE. Help says that "ALT + LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE" navigates to the previous page. I took that to mean "ALT + BACKSPACE", but apparently it means the backspace key alone (unless of course you are in a text input box). In any case, pretty confusing.

P.S. It is easy to put yourself in this unfortunate situation: all you have to do is click your mouse anywhere outside the text input box....VOILA suddenly you are in the condition such that if you hit the backspace you will lose whatever text you've already entered since IE will unceremoniously navigate back the previous page.

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It works the same way in Firefox. It's not the new board software, because BT4D hasn't upgraded yet, and I just tested it there. Same behavior.

I guess the moral is, don't hit "backspace" ("delete" in Macspeak) unless you see the flashing cursor in the box.

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For what it's worth, if I'm worried about losing a post, I always copy it, or cut it and paste it back in again to make sure I've copied it, before posting. It just takes a second, and it's foolproof insurance. :)

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