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Bill T. Jones Company and Dance Theater Workshop

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The DTW website has a nice little video, featuring Deborah Jowett, with a bit about the history. DTW was certainly a fascinating player in the small world of downtown dance in those days.

DTW seems to have had a stable and consistent leadership until the early 200s. At that point, turnover in leadership seems to have become the norm:

Dance Theater Workshop Leadership:

Jeff Duncan, Art Bauman, Jack Moore, Founders (1965)

David R. White, Executive Director and Producer (1975 – 2003)

Craig T. Peterson, Co-Artistic Director (2003 - 2004)

Cathy Edwards, Co-Artistic Director (2003 - 2004), Artistic Director (2004 - 2006)

Marion Koltun Dienstag, Executive Director (2003- 2007)

Carla Peterson, Artistic Director (2006 – present)

Andrea Sholler, Interim Executive Director (2007)

Stephen Greco, Executive Director (2007 – 2008)

Andrea Sholler, Executive Director (2008 - Present)

I recently had the chance to see some Bill T. Jones choreography for the first time in a LONG time and would love to hear comments from those who know (and/or appreciate) it more than I do.

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I found this very curious too. I find it slightly disturbing, but can't say why... I'm in favor of both organizations... I think perhaps it's just because it seem suddenly that there's a favorite company after all these years...

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I don't know that Bill T's is a "favorite" company so much as it is a solvent one. It's been awhile since I followed the presenting schedule at DTW (I don't think Jones' company performs there anymore when they're in NYC, no?) but in my time the artists who called that theater home were never better situated financially than the venue.

It's disquieting to realize that DTW has a level of debt they can't handle right now. Aside from their place in the NYC dance world, which is significant. they are the locus for a substantial national touring system and the "mother ship" for a whole group of presenters around the country.

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