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Name your favorite non-stickarinas!

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Great dancers that are not too thin.

Mine are.....

Gillian Murphy. In her Swan Lake DVD her tutu looks to be quite loose around the waist :( , I"M NOT SAY'IN THAT'S A BAD THING!!!! Either it was on purpose so she can breathe or her legs were too awesome for the size smaller. I hope she was not disturbed by that!!

Sohiane Sylve. I wonder where I can get a DVD of the Nutcracker that she was in with the HET....

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The ballerinas I grew up watching had voluptuous bodies...I don't remember ANY "non-stickarina" Cuban dancer from back then...(and even now the examples are few and rare)-, so when I started watching all the Somovas, Zakharovas, Lacarras and the like, I couldn't get over it...(I still can't..sometimes the view being too disturbing :( ). My all time favorite "non-stickarina" is my beloved Rosario Suarez-(AKA Charin)-, who despite having a less than the "ideal" physique-(VERY thick legs and VERY curvy hips)-could be as ethereal as a feather...BRAVA!

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This topic is dangerous turf, especially for current dancers, since there is a lot of pressure worldwide for thinness, sometimes extreme and unhealthy thinness. While dancers who aren't "stickarinas" might appreciate the appreciation, it's a double-edged sword, and being on this list won't necessarily be perceived as the compliment that is meant.

I'm going to close the thread.

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