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Changes at Bolshoi Helm...again!


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Prominent business publication Komersant wrote:

Напомним, что 15 марта закончился контракт у худрука Большого Юрия Бурлаки. На его место дирекция планировала пригласить Махарбека Вазиева, директора труппы миланского «Ла Скала». В случае его отказа намечался запасной кандидат: управляющий балетом Большого Геннадий Янин.


Basically it says that Bolshoi management planned to invite Makhar Vaziev to take over Yuri Burlaka's post, while Gennady Yanin remained first runner-up in the event Vaziev turns them down.

PS. Google translator does an adequate job.

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This story is clearly going to run and there is a half page feature in today’s Guardian with what they allege to be even more revelations about the Bolshoi. The article is dominated by a large picture of Volochkova, who is accusing the company of all manner of wrong doing (her picture doesn’t appear on line).


Volockova is such an attention seeker that it’s hard to take anything she says very seriously, though what is being said about the awarding of building contracts may well be true. Obviously the Yanin business was very unfortunate and has put the company in the paper for all the wrong reasons but the Bolshoi operates on the very highest level and after the problems of a decade or so ago it has been onwards and upwards with no looking back. But how strange it is that the otherwise stable Bolshoi is in the line of fire whereas the scandals at the declining Kirov, and there are many, somehow remain under wraps.

I am desperately, desperately sorry for Gennady Yanin and would love to know what piece of scum sank so low as to attack him in such a disgraceful manner. I sincerely hope he will be able to put all this behind him and take his rightful place in the upper echelons of the ballet world even if that means that he has to leave Russia.

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It was once a byword for the finest in Russian culture – the "big" theatre, grand not just in scale but in reputation. But the Bolshoi theatre, which gave the world Vaslav Nijinsky, Ekaterina Maximova and Mikhail Baryshnikov, is in danger of gaining a reputation for something altogether different. It is accused of falling victim to modern Russia's ills – greed, vulgarity and corruption.

Nijinsky? Baryshnikov? The Bolshoi? Really?

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What I would like to know is where the author of the article took her history and art appreciation courses?

Miriam Elder of Guardian writes:

But the Bolshoi theatre, which gave the world Vaslav Nijinsky, Ekaterina Maximova and Mikhail Baryshnikov, is in danger of gaining a reputation for something altogether different.

Both Vaslav Nijinsky and Mikhail Baryshnikov were alumni of Vaganova Academy (previously known as the Imperial School of Ballet) and product of Kirov-Mariinsky. Although, she got one of the three right. Amazing!

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Changes at Bolshoi Helm happened once again! This time it is Ruslan Pronin who has replaced recently appointed Yan Godovsky as the Managing Director of Bolshoi Ballet:


The bing translation is:

Moscow, April 15. /ITAR-TASS/. In a large theatre still shakes. This time they again referred to the Manager of ballet troupe. Exactly one month ago this post ranked soloist GABTa, honoured artist of RUSSIA Jan Godovskij. And here's today's big theatre adopted a new zavtruppoj-they became honoured artist of RUSSIA Ruslan Pronin. The correspondent of ITAR-TASS News Agency reported today, General Director Anatoly Iksanov Bolshoi Theater.

"I approved a request from Jan Godovskogo, who, in difficult times, substituting its reliable shoulder and took office as head of the troupe, gendir GABTa. -But now that the situation has stabilized, I couldn't help but release Jan Godovskogo on his own volition, since he remains with the dancing artist also has a professional interest in pedagogy ".

From today, the head of the ballet company was Ruslan Pronin. A graduate of the Moscow Ballet School, he has been working since 1988 in the Bolshoi Theatre, though this year age already ceased active artistic activities. And he readily accepted an administrative position.

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