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Di Wu, pianist, and Davidsbundlertanze

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Di Wu just played in a recital here, and got a rave review for her rendition of Schumann's Davidsbundlertanze, as well as for her pairing the more well-known work with wife Clara Schumann's Mazurka, which riffs on the opening theme of Davidsbundlertanze. From the review: "her performance of Schumann's Davidbundlertanze most clearly suggests she has an interesting future, not simply a bright one."

You can hear samples here.

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Interesting, indeed. Thanks, Ray, for the link. I did a little comparing a couple of the sections with Gordon Boelzner's version on the NYCB videotape. Until the playlist froze up on me for some reason. :o So I finished up with Boelzner and Balanchine, not a bad trade-off. :wink:

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Thank you for posting, ballet_n00b. Do you have a preferred recording of Davidsbundlertanze?

probably Cortot, I really like his Schumann.

I have a recording of Cortot playing Schumann and I agree, for what my opinion is worth. I like Gieseking's recording of Davidsbundlertanze, too.

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