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Obama to Stanislavski Th. (ballet?) tomorrow

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While listening to CNN TV as I prepared for work, I caught a few sentences about Pres. Obama and his family's schedule for the upcoming two days in Moscow. The Obamas will be going to the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 7) for a performance. No mention if it would be a ballet or opera but I bet that it will be a ballet. [Later added: It was actually a folk ballet performance; see below.]

In checking the theater's schedule, tomorrow is shown as 'blank' - presumably because no tickets can be sold. Ballets in this week's rep at that theater include GISELLE and STONE FLOWER.

So no Bolshoi for the Obamas? Well, they could have seen the Bolshoi Ballet's wonderful CORSAIRE right here in DC, at the Kennedy Center, three weeks ago.

Edited on 7/7/09 when more facts came to light.

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Well, not quite the ballet but Michelle, Malia, Sasha and the GrOTUS (Grandma of the United States) attended a performance of the famous Moiseyev Folk Dance troupe at the Stanislavski Theater this afternoon.

From ABC News.com:

Later in the afternoon, the First Lady, along with a group of the orphans, several hundred school children, and Mrs. Svetlana Medvedev, watched the Moiseyev Dance Company perform at the Stanislav and Donchenko Theater. The performance featured traditional Russian dancing and singing, with a live orchestra. First Tweens Malia and Sasha, along with GrOTUS Marianne Robinson also watched the show.

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