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Dance of the Corps de Ballet and the Dwarfs: Moderato assai, Allegro

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I know the Swan Lake's jester is not a particularly popular character within this forum. I, for once, like him-(probably due to the fact that I always saw him in Mme. Alonso's production). Anyways, my question relates both the 1877 score and the jester. In Cuba the jester performs in the beginning of Act III to the music of the "Ballabile: Dance of the Corps de Ballet and the Dwarfs: Moderato assai, Allegro vivo" -( No. 16 in the Dutoit).

My double question being:

1-Is this part of the score still performed in other companies-(either by the jester or anybody else)?

2-Would this inclusion in the Cuban production be part of Skeaping 1954 original staging or a later addition by Alonso?

Mel, rg, Leonid, Marc... :helpsmilie:


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Baryshnikov's short-lived SWAN LAKE for ABT - designed by PierLuigi Samaritani - included this musical selection - it started off the ballroom sc. if mem. serves - and was led by a trio? of jesters, if mem. serves.

credits as follows:

Swan lake : Chor: Mikhail Baryshnikov (based upon Kirov version after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov); mus: Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky; scen & cos: PierLuigi Samaritani; lighting: Jennifer Tipton. First perf: Costa Mesa, Calif., Orange County Performing Arts Center, Dec 2, 1988; American Ballet Theatre.//First New York perf: Metropolitan Opera House, May 8, 1989; American Ballet Theatre

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