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Dominique Khalfouni

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My daughter aged 15 is interested in the dancing school and the pre professional course run by Ms Khalfouni in Paris. We would like to attend an audition in May but I wondered how I can get in touch with her to discuss it in more detail as we are in London. Does anyone know about the course and whether they accept foreign students and whether there is boarding accommodation ect. There is information on the website of the centre internationale Rick Odums but it would be nice to talk to her about it on the phone if possible first. any advice welcome!!

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For the course:

Dominique Khalfouni is one of the most sought teacher in Paris. She's known as an excellent teacher and her pupils like her a lot. She coaches privately a lot of POB school pupils. I have only heard some excellent things about her and her courses. Some pupils rejected from POB's school attend her courses, but generally pupils are of different abilities and I wouln't say there will be a future in dance for each of them.

About the curriculum: there is one ballet lesson each afternoon, with twice a week another course in pointes or repertory. A lot of pupils are taking courses at another places. If you want to take some jazz or contemporary classes, you need to pay some more fees.

The school ins't a boarding one. You'll need to find your own accomodation (rent per month a very small one appartement : about 600 euros) or to apply for a place in a student house, but there are tons of applicants and few places. It need to be done now. It's about 1000 euros per month for a room with two meals per day.

What about schooling ? Is your daugher fluent in French ? The center doesn't offer academic classes. Students attend some special schools allowing them to attend only half a day. They're academically selective.

The schools with british curriculums are private and expensive according to french standarts (about 15 000 euros per year) and thus they woudn't allow a student to attend only part time.

I'm going to ask for a contact!

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Many thanks for your reply, lots of things to consider! My daughter has heard of Ms Khalfouni being a wonderful teacher and wants to go to Paris to audition and then we'll consider the rest I suppose! She has reasonable French and there are foreign girls and boys coming to London ballet schools to study and they manage so I hope we could too. Any more info would be great, thanks a million :clapping:

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