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  1. I was wondering what is happening with the students of the 1st division who didn't get contracts this year, are they going to repeat the year?
  2. ok, now I understand. it makes sense I guess. it's good that they have this and can re-audition, I don't think that happens at the Royal ballet co. I think the Paris method is much more fair.
  3. I'm slightly confused here, if Calista and some of the others are already with the company why are they auditioning?
  4. I just wonder also about the others, are they all at the school still or dancing with companies, for example Calista Ruat, she seemed to have been in the 1st division for a long time. do you happen to know what the average age is for corps de ballet?
  5. Does Lucie Fenwick still go to the POB school?
  6. That's great news for Emma and Amelie! do you know what will happen to the others now? I always wonder where the one who don't get contracts with POB go as I've looked at quite a few of the major dance companies and don't see any french dancers listed.
  7. Hi, My daughter is 16 and she sent a letter and some photos and was very surprised to be invited to the audition on the 30th. She is pretty scared as she doesn't know how many people will be in the audition and what to expect. I kind of think she might be wasting her time as I understand there are only four places available this year and the audition is open to 16-25 year olds so I guess there'll be some amazing dancers competing! Does anyone have experience of doing the audition?
  8. I understand there is a video of Dominique Khalfouni to see?
  9. Many thanks for your reply, lots of things to consider! My daughter has heard of Ms Khalfouni being a wonderful teacher and wants to go to Paris to audition and then we'll consider the rest I suppose! She has reasonable French and there are foreign girls and boys coming to London ballet schools to study and they manage so I hope we could too. Any more info would be great, thanks a million
  10. My daughter aged 15 is interested in the dancing school and the pre professional course run by Ms Khalfouni in Paris. We would like to attend an audition in May but I wondered how I can get in touch with her to discuss it in more detail as we are in London. Does anyone know about the course and whether they accept foreign students and whether there is boarding accommodation ect. There is information on the website of the centre internationale Rick Odums but it would be nice to talk to her about it on the phone if possible first. any advice welcome!!
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