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ABT in Miami, FL

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Hi. I never post so sorry if I posted incorrectly. I do enjoy reading everyone's wonderful reviews. Thanks!

Anyway, I was looking on the ABT website for the March calendar and it appears that the Miami shows are not on the calendar anymore. Could it be that they are updating the site to post casting? I got kinda worried because I am going down to Miami that weekend and planned on going to two performances because I love Giselle. I was waiting for the casting to be posted before I bought tickets.

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Gone from the Arsht Center calendar as well.

Like others, I also put off getting tickets this year -- and was just getting ready to act. Does anyone actually have tickets? Have you heard from ABT or the Arsht?

md2103, you posted perfectly! And thank you for calling our attention to this. Hope we'll hear more from you. Talking about our ballet experiences is for EVERYONE on BT. :)

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I just called the Met Box office to ask about the ABT performance in Miami and whether or not I could purchase tickets over the phone and was told that tickets are not for sale and to call ABT directly. I then called ABT and explained that the Miami tour dates are no longer posted on the ABT website nor are they on the Arsht website. After being transferred within the press office a couple of times I was told again that tickets are no longer for sale. I am so upset. I guess I will find something else to do while in Miami for the weekend. Perhaps enjoy the weather.

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I am sure that the poor economy is to blame...hitting the major underwriters of these tours. If a corporation can barely make payroll, how can it donate to the arts? This does not surprise me at all, although that doesn't take away the disappointment.

I am bracing myself for a pared-down Kennedy Center ballet schedule next season (2009/10). If we get a Kirov or a Bolshoi, it will be a miracle. I hope that I am wrong.

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