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Ballerina Movie & on the Beach with Ballet Russes

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For those in NYC

I just wanted to share a link to an interesting event.


Ballet Then and Now

Series: Dance on Camera 2009


Bertrand Normand, France, 2007; 77m

French director Bertrand Normand explores the concept of the St. Petersburg ballerina through interview and performance footage of Alina Somova, Svetlana Zakharova, Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina and Evgenia Obraztsova. An intimate look at six of the Kirov's rising superstars. Normand will introduce and answer questions following the screenings.

screening with

Play: On the Beach with the Ballets Russes Gillian Lacey, UK, 2008; 23m Gillian Lacey edits together archival footage of Ballets Russes dancers frolicking on the beach in Sydney, Australia, during their 1936-1940 tours. Ballet Russes dancer Betty Low will answer questions after the screening on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

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..... Alina Somova, Svetlana Zakharova, Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina and Evgenia Obraztsova. An intimate look at six of the Kirov’s rising superstars.

Thanks for the information! Just a note .... I would hardly call Lopatkina and Vishneva "rising superstars" -- they rose and arrived in the heavens a long time ago. I would say that Zakharova has already arrived as well. :) Who's the sixth?

edited to add:

I just checked the link and saw that you copied and pasted the info as printed on the site. Shoddy blurb-writing, I say.

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Yes, carbro there are several items of interest at the Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center. And I, too, was disappointed by the limited ballet offerings. From what I've seen these many years, ballet performances are broadcast on television, but films (documentary or otherwise) tend to be about every form of dance BUT ballet. And the festivals reflect that. Similarly: Why does all experimentation with cameras and FX techniques automatically mean "avant garde" "modern" or unrecognizable as dance? (or just movement?). I'd love to see those camera techniques applied to recognizable AND visible ballet technique.

Sorry, crawling back in corner now.

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I wasn't sure where to post it, but still had to share. I went and watched it yesterday.

And....... GOSH, i wish Somova was NEVER coached by Chenchikova & Vaziev (she had great lines, great Vaganova style while graduating from school and first year with the company). Her chick was kept down, arms softly curves, hands - elegant and not sticking. There was softness in her moves........ and ..... well, you all see what happened before...

... Also, i learnt that I prefered Zakharova's dancing style while she was in St. Petersburg.

Great movie (I saw bits of it on u-tube)....

PS: hopefully, Tatiana Terekhova will improve the newly minted Principal.

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