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The composer of 'Diversion of Angels' for Martha Graham, among much other music, has died. There are some interesting stories of Martha and Norman's meeting, Norman's daughter, and a dancer who did Diversion at a site called Chorus Gypsy. I'd put the link, but I'm not sure it's allowed to link to that kind of site, so you can key those in and find it.

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A nice appreciation in The Palm Beach Post, with a YouTube clip at bottom.


Hindemith was much different. “Brutal,” Dello Joio said, upbraiding him for not knowing things such as the range of the oboe when orchestrating. But that tough taskmastering was exactly what Dello Joio needed, and the advice Hindemith gave him later provided the direction he followed the rest of his writing life.

The older composer told Dello Joio that his gift was essentially lyrical, and that it made no sense for him to ignore that; on the contrary, he should make as much as he could of it. “You don’t want to lose that,” Hindemith told him.

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