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I have this wonderful film (broadcasted in Japan) of the Vaganova Academy class of 1995. I had no problem identifying one intense looking bunhead as Diana Vishneva :tomato: but can anyone help me with some of the other graduates, particularly a handsome blond who partners Diana in "Diana and Acteon," as well as the teacher? I also spot some other students that I *know* look familiar. Thanks.

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The handsome blonde, without looking at the DVD in years maybe Ilya Kuznetsov or Andrian Fadeyev. If it is not one of them, they may have brought a guest from Mariinsky. Both Mr. Kuznetsov and Mr. Fadeyev graduated in one of the two male classes in 1995.

The teacher of this section of 1995 duet/partnering class was Vadim Desnitski. Perhaps it was Mr. Desnitski, a fabulous teacher.

Natalia have you seen this DVD? I was not in St. Petersburg for this graduation for family reasons. I will check with my collegue who might remember it. Otherwise I will have to dig through the DVD collection. Not really that difficult but next week would be better timing for me, if you can wait until then. :tomato:

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I was at the graduation of '95 and have the DVD in question.

The DVD: Unless we are talking about two separate DVDs, the 'Diana & Acteon' pdd is seen in rehearsals during Desnitsky's class only. I thought that Diana's partner in all of the footage of Desnitsky's class was Dmitri Pykhachev; Kuznetsov is seen partnering Sofia Gumerova. Fadeev is barely seen but, when seen, is with Natalia Padalko (who did not join the MT upon graduation; I wonder where she went). In the DVD that I have, the only performance footage is from the '94 Prix de Lausanne (Carmen solo by Belsky & Coppelia solo) and the '94 Vaganova Acad graduation (Grand Pas Classique with one of the 1994 male grads), then parts of DonQ from her debut at the MT in Feb '95, with Andrei Batalov as Basil.

The Grad Performances: I thought that I attended each and every '95 graduation performance. Vishneva danced only the first night - a glorious Nikiya in the Shades scene of Bayadere. Dumchenko was the leading female in the other extended classical protion with a full corps: Chopiniana; Svetlana Ivanova was one of the other soloists, I recall. Oddly, at all repeat performances, Vishneva did not appear, her place taken by Alexandra Iosifidi. I assumed that DV was injured. A week later, I saw DV rehearse the lead in Vinogradov's Cinderella to prepare for the NYC tour, but she was only marking the role. A month later, DV's scheduled appearances at the MET/NYC were cancelled...she was indeed injured. So that's probably the reason why she appeared at only one graduation perf?

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Mr. Pykhachev was Ms. Vishneva's partner generally in all of the duet classes (and exams) over the three years I was able to observe. He however in January of 1995, when I left Russia until 1997, was not a blonde. Certainly not as blonde as Mr. Kuznetsov nor Mr. Fadeyev. I have not looked at the DVD in years. Thank you Natalia for the information. I wish we had been able to meet in St. Petrsburg. It is a cherished time for me. :thumbsup:

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