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"Le Parc" by A.Preljocaj-10/18/07-Scala Theatre


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Last night was the italian prime of "Le Parc" at La Scala Theatre in Milan.I was expecting something boring and contemporary on Mozart music.Not at all!

When the curtain raized I soon realized it was a ballet i could enjoy.The four gardeners started to dance on a kind of new age music,as the ones used by Forsythe;with the sounds of nature like birds etc matched with sounds like radars of boats and mechanic sounds.Very nice choice!The sequence was unbeliavably beautiful.All the ballet itself was really pleasant and very clever and genial from the choreographical point of you.

The two étoiles,Massimo Murru and Aurélie Dupont danced with so much passion,expecially the final pas de deux on a very beautiful music which is just the same as Malakhov's "Voyage".I had seen Aurélie performing Sleeping Beauty before,but she was a big discover for me.The role was made for her.She's so intense at interpreting and so much magnetic and charmy.Even if still,not moving,i just couldn't stare at anything else but her.This thing happens to me quite rarely,happened with A.Ferri.You can't teach that.Charm is innate and comes from deep inside.The corps of ballet was excellent,expetially the four gardeners and a friend of mine who was performing his first role as soloist.What I didn't like is the scenery.More than a park it looked like a PARKing place....except from the nightly scene,when stars in a dark sky were projected.The public itself was awful.Frozen or soothed i supposed.No applauses till the moment in which i started clapping my hands and shouting "BRAVO!" to the dancers.

Very nice evening anyway.A ballet to be seen.I also got Dupont's autograph.She's as beautiful as shy.


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