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Alberta Ballet's The Fiddle and the Drum

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Alberta Ballet's The Fiddle and the Drum (choreography by Jean Grand-Maître, music and projections by Joni Mitchell) will air on Canada's Bravo network on Monday, October 22, at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT.

Evidently, "Canadian Content" quotas are good for something. Without them I fear there would be as much arts programming on Canada's Bravo as there is on its American counterpart.

Here's the relevant link to Joni Mitchell's web site:


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I don't think I can lift my head up far enough to cross the border. Jealous!

Please let your neighbors to the south, east and west how well the broadcast succeeds. I know the ballet was a great hit. I'm an old Joni fan, and I can't quite imagine a [good] ballet to her songs.

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The stream quality isn't especially good, and I don't know whether there are any geographical restrictions, but the ballet will be available on the Knowledge Network site for the next week or two.


I can't watch this thing without some bitterness because to my mind Alberta Ballet's been on a downward trajectory ever since. I'm convinced that the only really good thing the company's produced since is Yukichi Hattori's Seven Deadly Sins, and it distresses me to no end to see Jean Grand-Maître fritter away his talent on pop extravaganzas, Olympic extravaganzas, and so on endlessly.

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