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  1. There is a great review at Danza magazine of the Spain shows: Danza Ballet (Translation)
  2. From ANNA-KAISA WALKER , Globe and Mail June 28 2008
  3. I saw the dress rehearsal last week. The Fiddle and the Drum was great. The dancers had a great energy and a "need" to dance. The company makes great use of its entire company. The emotion and atheltisicm of the choreography really radiated through to the audience. The lighting was some of the best I have ever seen. Hopefully Alberta Ballet will tour the piece throughout the US and Europe. It would give the company some much deserved international attention (outside of China).
  4. From Paula Citron, Globe and Mail June 19, 2008 ***************************************** Veer premiere stands out for its snaky, sensual movements See pictures of veer at Sabrina Matthews' website: Sabrina Matthews' website veer photo gallery
  5. Are there any more details about this program other than the above article?
  6. Up and comer, Matthews, just launched a website: Sabrina Matthews' website
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