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Goh Ballet and Other BC Shows

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Is anyone attending any of the Goh Ballet's performances this year? I know of Giselle and a mixed bill with Pink Floyd / Don Q suite / ? and I heard maybe Dracula and there's always more - anything?

Did anyone see Art In Motion this year?

Has anyone seen anything from the following companies, especially the new ones, what are they up to?

Ballet BC

Ballet Victoria

Ballet Kelowna

Ballet de Printemps

Canadian Pacific Ballet

I would love to hear about anything, I am getting very homesick!! :wink::o

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Goh Ballet is performing four times in Vancouver in June: Thursday-Friday, 8-9 at the Centre for Performing Arts, and Friday-Saturday 15-16 at Vancouver Playhouse. Unfortunately, June is a very busy time in Seattle: PNB is performing it's "Stravinsky 125" program through 10 June, the school performance/choreographer's workshop is on 16 June, the Seattle International Film Festival runs 24 May-17 June, Oregon Ballet Theatre performs Firebird and Act III of Sleeping Beauty from 8-10 June, and Champions on Ice is in Everett on 2 June. Everytime I see something scheduled for June, I want to cringe, because I can't be in two (or three) places at once.

The last thing listed for Ballet Victoria was for December 2006. I don't see anything scheduled after May 2007 for Ballet Kelowna. I can't find a site for Ballet du Printemps (there's one for an art gallery under that name) and Canadian Pacific Ballet's website is under construction.


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Thank you, Helene! I suppose I should have looked that up myself, my apologies.

I find Goh extremely confusing, according to their website they have 80 shows this year and I know they are constantly performing and touring, but I never seem able to find them! Also, my friend says he had an invitation to see Giselle at the Centre on the 25th of this month ... but you are right, there is nothing on ticketmaster. Maybe that is a media preview, since he is in the media?

Their site has nothing, and I would really like to know who is performing in the shows this year, especially Giselle, Don Q, etc. I saw Jardin Animee last year (staged by Anna-Marie Holmes). It was absolutely brilliant and I was dreaming of it for days, but I googled the names of the ten soloists with pictures on the back and I can find most of them with other companies now ... it would be nice to know who is there now. I wish they would put up some sort of schedule and/or principal casting list ...

Anyway, I will definitely not be able to make the ticketmaster dates, and I would really appreciate any postings from anyone who does. Thank you for looking up the other companies for me, Helene!

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The Goh Ballet site now has details! A lot of the shows the Goh did this year were not open to the public, as they were educational shows for ArtStarts at schools or in bigger theatres where students were bussed in. We're trying to do better about keeping the site up to date and giving more details! So busy! www.gohballet.com

If you'd like to be put on the mailing list for the Goh newsletter, please email admin@gohballet.com

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Hey, GohBallet! Thank you for your answer, the new site looks great! One question from when I was trying to find last year's graduates ... didn't you used to list more companies? I know it's never been complete, but it looks like a lot are gone? Missing ones from last year's grads I think, from what I could find out, would be Hong Kong Ballet, San Diego Ballet, at least one Japanese company, Dutch National Ballet, and I think a couple you have ... but there must be so many more. Wasn't one of your dancers offered a contract with Malakhov this year? And didn't Olympia Dowd dance with the Moscow City Ballet? I know you are very busy, and there are lots of important things to do, but if you get a minute, it's fun for us to read where everyone is (or was)!

Thanks for the update, love you guys and the dancers!

choreo, thanks so much for the link, they look very interesting. Have you seen them or are you going to?

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