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  1. Hey, GohBallet! Thank you for your answer, the new site looks great! One question from when I was trying to find last year's graduates ... didn't you used to list more companies? I know it's never been complete, but it looks like a lot are gone? Missing ones from last year's grads I think, from what I could find out, would be Hong Kong Ballet, San Diego Ballet, at least one Japanese company, Dutch National Ballet, and I think a couple you have ... but there must be so many more. Wasn't one of your dancers offered a contract with Malakhov this year? And didn't Olympia Dowd dance with the Moscow
  2. Somebody heard me, LOL!! http://www.gohballet.com/ (My bolding) "This work of astonishing beauty and grace will mark the first time that a Vancouver-based company has staged Giselle in its entirety, with a full cast. With nearly 30 dancers, brand new sets, and stunning costumes, this will be a fitting milestone for the Vancouver dance scene." “Not only is Vancouver booming economically, and gaining the attention of the international community as the 2010 Olympics come to our backdoor, but we’re also coming into our own artistically,” says Artistic Director of the Ensemble, Choo Chiat
  3. Hmmm ... More thoughts on Vancouver ... I wish I'd been to the Centre so I could know if we had a decent venue or not. Another reason to kick myself for missing the Goh's Giselle and Mixed Bill in June. I really think we DO have a lot of ballet. Lord knows we have a lot of ballet companies (5? 6?), and I think if it were tallied up, the Goh probably performs and tours more than our great white elephant in the east and reaches more people, especially internationally. That's not counting BBC and the rest. And things sell out, so the audience must be here. I would never come to Vancouver to se
  4. Yes, we are all very grateful for PNB! But the more I think of this thread, the more I agree that we are not a ballet town ... not really. BBC is very cool, but also very small and very modern. And it's not that I covet anyone else's big company, I just really want one of our own, with our own dancers. But first a school, yes, but when the company?! How many decades? I want a thundering big company with money for sets and costumes and a beautiful theatre and a home for all of our own beautiful dancers who keep going across the globe, anywhere but home every year. And until we get it I humbly t
  5. Ouch, ouch, ouch!! I thought we had good ballet in Vancouver!! Maybe that's because I live there and hear a bit more ... what we DON'T have is one giant ballet co, but so many little things and combination things are going on all the time and I think that makes our dancers better, all the exposure to all the different people. For quality, I don't think any of us would thank you for the National Ballet of Toronto, I will swear the best ballet dancers and choreographers have always come from our town, starting with Lynn Seymour's era and getting better every year. But support? There is no media
  6. Thank you, Helene! I suppose I should have looked that up myself, my apologies. I find Goh extremely confusing, according to their website they have 80 shows this year and I know they are constantly performing and touring, but I never seem able to find them! Also, my friend says he had an invitation to see Giselle at the Centre on the 25th of this month ... but you are right, there is nothing on ticketmaster. Maybe that is a media preview, since he is in the media? Their site has nothing, and I would really like to know who is performing in the shows this year, especially Giselle, Don Q, et
  7. Is anyone attending any of the Goh Ballet's performances this year? I know of Giselle and a mixed bill with Pink Floyd / Don Q suite / ? and I heard maybe Dracula and there's always more - anything? Did anyone see Art In Motion this year? Has anyone seen anything from the following companies, especially the new ones, what are they up to? Ballet BC Ballet Victoria Ballet Kelowna Ballet de Printemps Canadian Pacific Ballet I would love to hear about anything, I am getting very homesick!!
  8. Complete with errors: Top 12 Sr Women and Mary Day Award are listed as Kirsten Wicklund, (16) International School of Classical Ballet, Washington/USA But she is in the San Francisco regionals 2nd Place as Kirsten Wicklund, (16) Goh Ballet Academy (Vancouver, Canada) The regionals are right, she's a Goh girl.
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