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  1. Hi, For those looking for the Ballet de Printemps website: www.balletdeprintemps.com
  2. Perhaps I am simply strange, but jumping on pointe has never been painful for me, when done properly. I find it one of my favourite things to do. I can understand that it may seem painful but when one is pulled up and uses the shoe properly then jumping on pointe is not painful (I can only speak for myself as I can't say how someone else may feel in pointe shoes). A different question: Has anyone done La Vivandiere for example? I personally found finding the right shoe a little difficult for that short gem of a ballet. Isn't finding the right shoe, for any ballet, always a challenge? Let alone Swan Lake for example where the shoe usually changes from Act to Act. Any comments?
  3. What a good topic! Rediscovering his works is always exciting. A few days ago I popped in his Serenade for Strings, which I hadn't listened to in years (my ecclectic tastes constantly change in regard to music listening) and also, because I ahd the wonderful opportunity to dance in Serenade I couldn't listen to the music objecively without thinking about that particular ballet. Before performing it, I listed to his Serenade for Strings with a different ear. Now a few years have passed since performing that, and now am finally able to listen to it without a huge balletic association. As for his other ballet works, there is always an overwhelming association with the choreography so I just don't bother. Serenade for Strings always holds a new surprise for me, whether it is because of a different recording, or a slight nuance, etc. Tchaikovsky is just a blast sometimes PS: How do other dancers feel when knowing a piece of music, and then performing to it? How do your attitudes change (or not) concerning that music? [ February 21, 2002: Message edited by: choreo ]
  4. This sounds as if it will be a wonderful festival. I was happy to see Ms. Letestu listed in Swan Lake. I had the opportunity to share the stage with her (me corps, her the lead) and I must say that never in my career would I allow my attention to wander onstage but I couldn't tear my eyes off of her while dancing my own bit. A lyrical performer who is certainly growing and maturing beautifully, and is a very sweet person as well. [ February 21, 2002: Message edited by: choreo ]
  5. 2 quick questions! How often is the competition held? Were the modern division performers contemporary ballet (on pointe) or modern? Any info. would be helpful. I went to the website but my questions weren't answered. Thanks!
  6. After assuring my loved one's would be taken care of, I would fund my company, and then start a fund for aspiring choreographers, perhaps by offering an annual festival of new works from all over the world, (sans judging, just being). One can dream...
  7. I am Stravinsky too. Thanks for the link, I will be forwarding it to all my creative friends!
  8. I am Stravinsky too. Thanks for the link, I will be forwarding it to all my creative friends!
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