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Last saturday (March 31), La fille mal gardée opened for 12 performances throughout April.

The ballet hasn't been danced in Stockholm since season 1989/90.

The premier was danced by principal Nathalie Nordquist and soloist Oscar Salomonson as Lise and Colas, who danced their roles for the first time.

Here is a link to some photos and you can also watch a video clip from the performance! :)



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Hi! :blush:

I've just come home from a performance of La fille mal gardée. It was really good I think, it's such a sweet and fun ballet you can't help smiling all the time.

I catched a perfomance of the 1st cast; Lise was danced by Nathalie Nordquist and Colas by Oscar Salomonson. Alain was danced by soloist Jens Rosén, and Widow Simone by principal dancer Christian Rambe.

They were all very good but the guys were slightly better. Howewer Nathalie Nordquist was an adorable Lise. The role suites her very well. She danced very secure (as always), though she is not the dancer with strongest technique. Her fotwork has improved very much and she's become slender(but tutus aren't the best thing on her, since her upper body is rather short).

She had a very good comical timing and she seemed to have a lot of fun during the whole time. The moment when she is surprised by Colas after her daydreaming of having children with him was wonderful. She looked at the audience (you could almost see her face turn red) and then put the scarf over her head crying. :)

Oscar Salomonson was very good as Colas. Nice jumps, clean beats secure turns and a great deal of charm as well. Also he and Nathalie makes a perfect couple on stage.

Jens Rosén was like the embodiment of Alain. He was just perfect. You could see he's a really good dancer behind all the clumsiness (don't say it's not hard). Gold star to him! :dry:

And Christian Rambe as Simone was hilarious. The clog dance was great! He was a real lady from top to toe!

But underneath the andry (bitch) you could see a cearing and loving mother.

I think the company dances this ballet pretty good actually. I don't think they feal completly at home with the Ashton style (yet). The tempi is a bit faster than what they are jused to I think (look at the Swan Lake dvd...it's rather slow if you compare).

It's nice ballet mistress Madeleine Onne decided to take it back, it hasn't been danced here since 1989 (she did Lise at that time)....but it's one of her favourites!

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