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The New York Times Appoints a Chief Dance Critic


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In today's paper, 2/22/07,

Alastair Macaulay, chief dance critic of The Times Literary Supplement and chief theater critic of The Financial Times, both in London, has been appointed chief dance critic of The New York Times. The announcement was made by Sam Sifton, the culture editor.

Mr. Macaulay, who will begin his new job on April 1, was the founding editor of the British quarterly Dance Theater Journal in 1983 and was a guest dance critic at The New Yorker in 1988 and 1992. He began writing dance criticism in 1978 and has taught dance history at various colleges and universities. He has contributed dance criticism to The Financial Times since 1988...

To read more: Chief Dance Critic

I didn't know John Rockwell had retired in December, though I had noticed his byline missing.

Thought you all would be quite excited by this news - but I know see there is already a discussion! Please forgive my excitement and delete away!

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I'm neither a deleter nor a decider, but it is nice to see a post from you again, BW. Yes, the discussion is already well under way and has moved past excitement to rancor and resentment. Macauley is a good critic and once his stuff starts appearing, acceptance will surely follow, and maybe even enthusiasm.

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