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Finding who holds copyright at NYCB on the website

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I didn't realize this until Amy Reusch mentioned it in another thread, but I thought it was worth mentioning that if you want to know who holds the copyright to most of the Balanchine ballets, it's mentioned in the repertory index on the NYCB website. Most are held by the Trust but there are a few exceptions such as Meditation (Farrell) and Symphony in C (SAB). Symphony in C must have been a journey. The copyright was held by Betty Cage, I believe she bequeathed it to John Taras. I'm not sure how it came to the school after Taras' death, whether by direct bequeathal or a donation by the legatee.

You can find this information by going to the repertory index and clicking on a ballet. Balanchine's ballet's list the choreography credit as George Balanchine © Copyright Holder.

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I wonder why Martins' ballet do not list a copyright? Is it because they belong to NYCB? And why does this differ from Wheeldon, who seems to own his own copyrights? It seems strange to me and even though their contracts with NYCB must differ, it still seems odd that Wheeldon owns his own ballets while Martins doesn't.

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Kistler did Tzigane at NYCB maybe ten years ago. Much as I love her, I didn't think she was a success in the role, even though she was coached (I understand) by Farrell. Then again, she didn't really have time to grow into it--it lasted, if I'm not mistaken, just one season.

I also haven't seen Ballade at NYCB for ages. I think Weese did it a couple times, but I'm worried it will become a lost ballet.

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Wendy Whelan and Robert Tewsley did Ballade in spring '03. It is probably due for revival, but I am much more concerned for the future of Gounod Symphony, which they haven't performed since '94. Even then, Martins had to sketch in some of it, which I don't understand, since two of its ballerinas, Tallchief and Verdy, should have been available.

Hasn't Kyra danced Tzigane? And I think I remember Maria Calegari in it, but that may be a delusion.

I wish Nancy Reynolds would update Repertory in Review -- at least for the casts of the ballets included in the first edition. :beg:

I once read that Balanchine never wanted anyone but Suzanne to dance Meditation. I guess that once she owned it, it was more important to Suzanne that the ballet to continue to live than Mr. B's wishes stay realized. For Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Christina Fagundes danced "Meditation" (with Ben Huys?). I loved Fagundes when she was with ABT, but there's never been anything otherworldly about her, and neither she nor Meditation flattered each other.

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