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From the obituary in The Times

France paused today to salute a great and beloved actor and for once the superlatives were justified. Philippe Noiret, the warm-hearted, velvet-voiced veteran of 120 films, succumbed to cancer at the age of 76. He was not a star in the sense of glamour and sex-appeal. He was no Alain Delon or Yves Montand. He was Monsieur Ordinaire. His rumpled face, hang-dog expression and nonchalant character was the essence of Frenchness. For nearly 50 years, he was part of the landscape.
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Sad news. He was one of those actors you greet like an old friend. Another obit.

Although Mr. Noiret played a great variety of roles in a career dating to the early 1950s, one image that clung to him was that of an elegant gentleman farmer, reinforced by his aristocratic demeanor, dry sense of humor and velvety voice no less than his love of horses and country life.
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