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PBS Bringing Back Balanchine

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New York City doesn't get it until New Year's Eve. I went to www.PBS.org, entered my zip code in the space indicated in "Station Finder" and searched "balanchine" to ascertain that.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think HD excludes analog viewers. I think it means that the film was shot in with high-definition technology.

If the ballet gods are smiling on us, maybe the dvd will be available before too long. :flowers:

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In Los Angeles area, this was on KCET last Thursday Nov. 9, at 9 p.m. I saw the first 45 min; I had to leave to make an airport pickup. From what I saw, I would certainly want to see it again, and the whole program, of course; it was made only 3 years ago. Since my husband was out of town and since I am incredibly techno-incapable, I didn't tape it either. I was hoping to see it re-run this afternoon on KCET again. But no such luck. I wanted my daughter in DC to see it as well, but 10:30 p.m. on a Monday night will not go over well with the RA's at her residency. Rats!!

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In the Greater Boston area, it is showing today. Unfortunately, it is only accessible IF one has HDTV, (on channel 802). Not sure if & when it might show on the non-HD channels.

Anyone else have more info re: this? Previous forums here also stated that it would be released on DVD ard Christmas? I certainly hope so.

New York City Ballet: Bringing Balanchine Back

The New York City Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Monday, November 13, 4:00am

Monday, November 13, 8:00pm

Monday, November 13, 11:00pm

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In San Francisco KQED has contradictory info on Bringing Back Balanchine scheduling. It will probably be shown as follows, but everyone should double-check--

Thursday 11/16/2006 at 9pm (The weekly schedule has Walking the Bible/40 Years in the Desert here).

Sunday, 11/19/06 at 6pm

Saturday, 12/9/06 at 4pm

It's listed as 56 minutes so I guess we're missing a significant chunk, hopefully not all the good stuff.

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I'm not sure if this is universal to PBS stations, but I know that my local affiliate (KCTS/Seattle) made a significant investment in the hardware to broadcast and create HD/TV shows, and I've wondered if they are planning their own programming to highlight/promote that format.

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