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  1. http://www.panix.com/~blackwoo/md_glentetley.html http://www.cbc.ca/arts/theatre/story/2007/...-glen-obit.html http://www.abt.org/education/archive/chore...s/tetley_g.html http://www.ballet-dance.com/200406/article...ey20040501.html http://magazine.fandm.edu/autumn00/au00_story2.html An era ends, with the passing of this choreographer, as well as the great Russian teacher, Tumey. Peace.
  2. The loss of Tumey is a sad one, but what a tremendously long life. Her longevity in her teaching career is an exemplary one. She certainly just kept going on, brilliantly. Quite an inspiration! (Sorry, posted this on Links, before finding this location.)
  3. Frustration is being able to hear this documentary on the HD channel, but NOT being able to see it.
  4. In the Greater Boston area, it is showing today. Unfortunately, it is only accessible IF one has HDTV, (on channel 802). Not sure if & when it might show on the non-HD channels. Anyone else have more info re: this? Previous forums here also stated that it would be released on DVD ard Christmas? I certainly hope so. New York City Ballet: Bringing Balanchine Back The New York City Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia. Monday, November 13, 4:00am Monday, November 13, 8:00pm Monday, November 13, 11:00pm
  5. Agree with Helene’s comments. The camera work is way too busy throughout this DVD. Wish the editor &/or cameraman had learned from the Dance in America series. In this case, the camera cuts too often into the dancers' bodies, for close-ups of heads or body parts, making for an extremely aggravating and frustrating viewing experience. One can't watch through a movement phrase without having to suffer through almost as many editing cuts as there are musical counts. Some camera angles are not flattering, others are just bewildering and seemingly arbitrary. Could the editor somehow please be
  6. Thanks very much for the photos, rg. She truly was a wonderful ballerina for Balanchine, and a pleasure to behold. Peace.
  7. While I tend to agree with Leigh's statement, it also bears reiterating that Balanchine drew his inspiration, as well as ideas on structure, rhythm, harmony, etc., from the music he chose. Stravinsky, his long-time collaborator, wrote (in his Autobiography), "... I found that the absence of many colored effects and of all superfluities produced a wonderful freshness... ", referring to writing his Apollon Musagete. That same concept surely contributed towards Balanchine creating his masterpiece to that music at the tender age of 24. That is not to say that today's choreographers are not atten
  8. Also a memorable teacher to remember was Antonina Tumkovsky, who can be seen teaching in her 90's from a chair in a video that's out, in what her students describe as a terrifically difficult if brilliant class. It is amazing to view. Also; Felia Doubrovska & Alexandra Danilova, were both beloved Russian teachers who taught at SAB until very late in life. Groupjava script:add_smilie(%22:bow:%22)
  9. That was the Frederick Wiseman documentary. Agnes DeMille was (after recovering from a stroke & therapy) rehearsing The Other; music by Franz Schubert. ABT's Amanda McKerrow and others were dancing in this last ballet by de Mille, who was being assisted by Terry Orr, now director of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Some parents can be so arrogantly clueless! Madame Tatiana Legat, still active in her 70's, is responsible for producing the beautiful Sarah Lamb, soloist now w/ the Royal Ballet. Both are Boston Ballet's great loss, IMHO.
  10. Mustn't forget ABT's Naomi Sorkin.
  11. Sounds like some kind of Faustian bargain here. Students/kids easily spot hypocrisy on their radar, & political spin or double-speak fools no one.
  12. This is a fun thread I just come across. My candidates are: From the Ballet Russe days; Mia Slavenska - glamorous redhead from Yugoslavia, danced w/ Ballet Russe, formed her own company w/ Freddy Franklin http://slavenskadancepreservation.com/ Tamara Toumanova - the inimitable dark-haired beauty Tatiana Riabouchinska - one of the "baby ballerinas", also of ABT Irina Baronova - another one of the "baby ballerinas" From NYCB; Suzanne Farrell - now as the voice of Balanchine, emits spiritual as well as physical beauty Kyra Nichols
  13. Did you catch Freddie Franklin performing in ABT's Swan Lake on PBS last week? Amazing, truly grand fellow. Thx for the heads up on D. Andros at BAE, Helene.
  14. This thread is an interesting one that might bear renewing, particularly to see who of the grand old teachers are still with us. Barbara Newman's Grace Under Pressure has an interesting interview w/ Richard Thomas, who apparently only teaches kids at Elliott Feld's school. He is a very colorful, successful teacher, w/ his own unique perspective on the dance world now & then. He must be about 79 now. Dick Andros used to teach at Mr. Thomas' studio, & has his own web site w/lots of interesting dance history. He may still be teaching at Steps? Another wonderful personality.
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