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  1. "The "Diane & Acteon Pas de Deux" was added to diversify Petipa's 1886 revision of "La Esmeralda"." Is this true? The D&A pas as we know it today was an Agripina Vaganova creation Vaganova in 1886 was around 7 years old. Esmeralda is a ballet created by Perrot in the romantic era. Petipa recreated as he did with many other romantic ballets and he add the Esmeralda Pas de deux with music I think by Drigo Later in 1900 Petipa already dead Vaganova added the Diana and Acteon pas de deux which was took from another Petipa ballet and add solo for the man
  2. It is time that communities take action about what is going on with the art organizations. Some problems are related with very unusual years. From the 9/11 catastrophic events, the tsunami, Katrina etc. Corporations consider money for art a vanity, so art are dying but also ballet companies are doing a bad job creatively the level of the product are really bad, horrible versions of the classics and lack of creativity in the contemporary side so people are not going to shows either. But all of us we should l call every representative and demand more art funding in your area. (Cleveland Ballet
  3. Hi, this issue, very American I might say, is very interesting. I say very American because we live here in a complex society in which we have all the time be very careful to do not offend anyone. I was principal dancer for ten years in good regional company in the south east and according with the administrative staff was easy promote me because I am Hispanic. Sounded odd to me at the time I was just arrived in the US. At the same time in the company it was a black dancer that I will confess was very demanding and hard to work with. But the management refuses to let him go because the compan
  4. it would take a good 20-30 years for society to feel its full benefit. For now, we're stuck in the world we live in. It is not that much time in the context in how valuable is the mission. And anyway believe it will take less because when the wheels move the momentum help you. In the 80s. Ballet was very popular Baryshnikov making ballet movies and companies were doing very good actually it was more exposure, well we have to get that kind the exposure back plus education. I am doing it in my town with a lot of success and my company are growing fast. Even with some unpopular desitions becau
  5. I forgot to tell you it was a very "Legato" way to tell me if I don't like it I should leave.
  6. I didn't know it was one I apologize It is not the point. The point is that an event like NYIBC shouldn't be associated with Mc Donald’s or any other fast food chains for that matter, we are trying here to among many other thing incentive health and healthy habits, eat in Mc Donald’s which by the way the salads are pure sugar is not a healthy one. being free is to spend money is kind a not the point either. We live in democracy and you are free to drive a convertible Mercedes Benz now sometime freedom is not enough to drive a Mercedes. The point one more time is the only food provided b
  7. You may consider this a standard discussion on this board, and you have the option of not participating if it doesn't meet your standards. I promise you I am not that arrogant to believe something does not meet my standards, it just in Messages Boards always (Like we say in Spanish) people detour for the small roads. It is not about my standards or me it’s just is what happened in Messages Boards that's all.
  8. As usual in Message boards people never follows the story line and debate about the original subject they leave messajes that sound more like personal psicotherapy than friendly debate. This topic was about NYIBC and the Mc Donald's Sponsorship the gave to the compatitors vouchers to eat in Mc D every day for the lenght of the event I believe that is pretty stupid.
  9. Kylian who is for me the choreographer of the XX century (I hope the Balanchineans don't kill me for saying this) goes beyond any dance format it's not a classical repertoire but it's not a modern. it is Just Kylian. A man who his dance vocabulary is so rich that so far isn't a style in which we can place it yet. Time will say what Kylian is. The same happended with Mozart in his time. Kylian isn't discover yet, historian will do.
  10. If you don't like the idea of taking money from oil companies and tobacco companies, this is not the career for you. The ever decreasing amount of government funding, and the decrease in private giving after 9/11 and the stock market decline makes money from sources that diminish health necessary for survival. Both those comments are from the new moral of the world we are living today. I believe are much more ways to get support for the arts, we just need to be more creative and combative too. But associate yourself with what is exactly opposite for what you stand for beside to be an incoher
  11. In the recent and just ended edition of the New York International Ballet Competition (NYIBC) happened something that really bothers me a lot. One of the sponsors of the competition was Mc Donald’s fast food chain. The day for a competitor was class 9:30 am until 11 AM. Then 3 hours of rehearsal 1-hour lunch and the 2 more hours of rehearsal. The hour lunch consist in Boucher to eat in MC Donald’s. I don't know if anybody watched the movie Super size me, which by the way open a huge debate about the food industry and American way to eat. Mc Donald’s actually recommend don't eat everyday in th
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