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discontinued GISELLE videocassette ABT

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Thanks for pointing that out, rg. I didn't know that video existed! When I saw that Martine Van Hamel was also in it as Myrtha, I had to have it, so I searched on Ebay for a copy I could just buy without bidding, and I found one! I've heard that Ms Van Hamel was fabulous as Myrtha, so I can't wait to see it! :)

If you know of any other out of print ballet videos for sale, I would love to know about them, especially any in the "Live from Lincoln Center" series. ( I did see some "Swan Lake" with Natalia Makarova and Ivan Nagy available).

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Both of these ABT videos were put out by Paramount Home Video. Don't hate me but I found a perfect condition used copy of the "Giselle" at Academy Records in NYC for just $10. You will also get Marianna Tcherkassky dancing the Peasant PDD. She is also young and lovely here as is Van Hamel et al. The audience actually gasps at Baryshnikov's brisé volés in his second act solo and at an early jeté after he sees Giselle's spirit where he seems suspended in space for a moment.

Some kind of pressure should be put on Paramount to put this out on DVD if they are still the rights holders. I asked Kultur Video if they could get the rights to it but they seemed sure they couldn't. :)

Faux Pas

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