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  1. I hope that's possible, that they can find a suitable facility. It's a lovely building, to judge from the photo. What a shame to lose it! I expect we'll be seeing more stories of this nature in the coming months and years. Sad and scary. Yes, Kaatsbaan is quite lovely. My daughter was blessed to spend two summers at their intensive, and absolutely loved it. The facilities and grounds are beautiful. What a shame it will be if it goes under.
  2. Thank you so much for your reviews, Haglund's. I would love to hear further details about Abrera from anyone who attends any of her Cinderella performances this week! Alas, I can only attend vicariously...
  3. According to ABT's performance calendar, Abrera is now also dancing the Thursday evening performance instead of Julie Kent. I hope she takes full advantage of this opportunity...I, for one, would love to see her promoted!
  4. Judges loved him, America loved him...he's SAFE!
  5. My hubby just scored major points....he told me this evening that my Mother's Day gift is to be a trip to NY to see Nina Ananiashvili in La Bayadere!! He travels often and saw her several years ago at the Bolshoi while on a business trip. My 17 year old daughter and I have loved her for years, having only seen her on tapes/DVDs. When he found out she would be dancing again with ABT this year, he used his frequent flyer miles to book a flight and purchased La Bayadere tickets for our daughter and me! Wow...the only thing I mentioned I might want for Mother's Day was a new pillow and a "Swivel Sweeper"!
  6. I've only seen Sascha dance live twice. Once was this past summer at the Met in Romeo and Juliet, and the other was in 2004, when he made a guest appearance with Stella Abrera at my daughter's youth ballet company's debut. He and Stella danced together in and excerpt from Le Corsaire and in Jabula. I thought they looked great, especially in Jabula. Do they partner together often at ABT?
  7. Rocky Mountain News has a short news video online featuring a behind the scenes look at Colorado Ballet's Dracula: Dracula Video Scroll down to "Recent Staff Videos" and click on "Dracula's Secrets Revealed".
  8. Thanks for pointing that out, rg. I didn't know that video existed! When I saw that Martine Van Hamel was also in it as Myrtha, I had to have it, so I searched on Ebay for a copy I could just buy without bidding, and I found one! I've heard that Ms Van Hamel was fabulous as Myrtha, so I can't wait to see it! If you know of any other out of print ballet videos for sale, I would love to know about them, especially any in the "Live from Lincoln Center" series. ( I did see some "Swan Lake" with Natalia Makarova and Ivan Nagy available).
  9. Glad to hear this, fandango. I'm going to the matinee today...can't wait!! :blush:
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Looks like some good choices...I'm printing them out to take with me.
  11. I'll be in New York next week with my daughter and two of her friends while they are attending a Summer Intensive. We will be seeing ABT at the Met on Sat. July 15, and were hoping to have dinner beforehand. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced restaurant within walking distance of Lincoln Center?
  12. Yes, Helene, you are correct. I forgot which BT board I was posting on. Please let me know if it's preferred that we spell things here, rather than abbreviate.
  13. I'll second that, vrsfanatic! Mr. Pakri is not only a fabulous teacher, he is also a very nice man. Royal Ballet is lucky to have him. My DD is also fortunate to be able to take a master class with him before he leaves. I wish him all the best!
  14. Stella Abrerra and Sascha Radetsky....not married, but they have been a couple for several years now.
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