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You can find a museum near you on an interactive map and download and print a free admission pass for two.

Part of Ballet Talk's mission has always been to spread culture - if you can do it on Saturday, Sept 30, take a friend to a museum!

(And post where you're going to go and who you'll take to inspire the rest of us)

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This is a wonderful tip. I had not heard of this program before. I'm going to spread the word, too. I haven't been to the California Academy of Sciences for quite some time. Sounds like something my nephew would enjoy. (I'd also go to the Cantor Arts Center but I was there just recently.)

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I used the Museum Day pass and went to the Hagley Museum in Delaware with my children. It's located on the site of the Du Pont family's gunpowder factory on the banks of the Brandywine River and today it is a museum-cum-reconstructed/preserved factory-cum-ancestral home.

We had a great time. Our visit focused on the scientific and technological aspects of the place rather than the cultural, as we didn't even go to the Du Pont's home and French gardens. We all learnt a great deal about watermills and other machinery - especially me, as I had to understand the information and then explain it all to a very curious and verbal ("But why, Mummy? How does it work?") 4 and a half year old.

There is something incredibly fascinating and even uplifting about old fashioned machinery - the cogs, the pulleys, the wheels within wheels - even when you realize that all this was harnessed to manufacture gunpowder.

Highly recommended if you want to combine some learning with a day outdoors or with children of all ages if you're in the Philly/Wilmington, DE area.

Did anyone else celebrate Museum Day?

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Thank you for the report, GWTW. I, too, would like to hear from others who took advantage of the offer. I had considered it, as mentioned above, but instead took my niece, rather than my nephew, who was otherwise occupied, to Berkeley for "King Arthur." It's possible we might have been better off at the museum.

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