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Round the old stage

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Hi, Today I was on the behind the scence at the Royal theatre old stage in at the Royal Danish Ballet,

It was very interesting I´d like it very much.

The man who guided us through the buldning showed us loads of stuff i do recomend it to all ballet fans the whole tour did last for 2 hours! :jawdrop:

and it´s diffinitly worth the money :)

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No fair, Rosie! Tell us some of your favorite highlights, please!

Ok, My favorite highligths were when he showed us were the Queen and her family sists it was great the she sits in a balcony and she has a little room were they can rest or just relax the room was perfumed with some kind of roses. I couldn´t understand the guider to 100% because I don´t understand danish tah well, he told us that the queen has a (to me it looked like a place where she smokes it looked like a balcony space coverd with glass windows) and one time when she got in she couldn´t get out. So the staff had to call the fire department to get her out of there, he had a newspaper clipping with her when she was looked inside. I´m sure that they must have had a great laugh because of that. :jawdrop:

He showed us the backdrop,the clearing scenery,they fly system, the chours dressing room,the carpentry workshop, the electrical workshop and the wig room. And the computer room were the guestdancers can e-mail and talk to their family.

All this things were incredible to see, If I did understand correct the whole place is 12 miles but we did only see 2 miles of it. I´d love the old scene it was really beautiful as in the photos of it. :)

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